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Iglo Drops

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Garlic toasts

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Italian cuisine
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Pizza dough

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We are the creator of the product "Iglo drops" -  sauces portioned out in small cubes. The most interesting idea that has been developed in our company.


We are leaders in our industry. We strive to make our products unique.


When a client requires us to keep the recipe secret, we are up to the task. We are characterized by great care for security and confidentiality.

New Product Development

Our NPD team is constantly in touch with our clients for whom they compile new recipes, modify the existing ones, and create propositions of new products as well as ideas for new technologies. Due to such attitude we managed to convince many companies to cooperate with us; companies who sought, apart from high quality and standardised goods, constant work on development and implementing of new solutions.

W owe our success to impeccable cooperation with every client as well as good cooperation between NPD and sales department which allows us to fully understand our clients needs and meet their expectations.


Dedicated production

For many years now we have specialised in creation, development, and manufacture of dedicated products. Dedicated products are proprietary products stipulated in a contract, and sold only to the principal of the project. The principal has a guarantee that the product is unique on the market, and possesses full control over the product, its sales, stock amount, and manufacturing process.

For principals of dedicated products we create individual, mutually advantegous terms of cooperation.

Production base

In 2010 we decided to put an emphasis on production automation. Since then we have managed to automise production and change technologies in such a way as to minimise the costs of manufacture without loosing the assets of the products.

At the moment, in our company function production lines for:
  • a line for the production of sauces, soups, fillings IgloDrops
  • production line for sachets,
  • a line for the production of lasagne,
  • a line for the production of pasta,
  • a line for the production of garlic bread, 
  • a line for the production of baguettes, 
  • a line for the production of pizza dough

 We develop every day, responding to the needs of our clients.